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Learning in the
Outdoor Environment

At Cowarra Park Preschool and Long Day Care we value the importance of the outdoor environment. We are surrounded by nature, from the kangaroos jumping alongside the road to the vast bush-land surrounding us. Our extensive outdoor environment is thoughtfully designed on one-acre of land and encourages children's exploration, curiosity and engagement.

Our extensive outdoor environment provides the opportunity to interact with the natural elements - dirt, sand, water, grass, boulders and timber logs to name a few. Engagement with natural elements such as these provokes children's curiosity, invites exploration and interaction, stimulates thinking and spontaneity; and encourages risk taking and problem solving.

In the outdoor environment, our professional team of educators further support children's learning as they interact, build relationships and challenge children in their learning and exploration.

Children are provided with opportunities to engage with the natural environment and are encouraged to develop an appreciation and respect for nature. We invite children to play an active role in sustainable practices including gardening, recycles, composting and the conservation of water.

Respecting and

A culture of respect and appreciation of the natural environment is encouraged at Cowarra Park Preschool and Long Day Care, through children playing an active role in:

  • Recycling and composting
  • Water conservation
  • Interactions with the natural environment
  • Building curiosity in natural elements

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