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Children's ideas and theories of the world around them are constantly growing and changing and in the Kanga's Room, we recognise the endless learning opportunities that are presented to us when we follow children's interests. It is these interests, questions and curiosities that provide the basis for our weekly program and present both children and educators with enriching and meaningful learning opportunities. Whether it is within play or within group learning experiences, educators use their teaching and thoughtful interactions to support children and their understanding of the world.

At many times, we become co-learners with children - we learn alongside children - we take the position that we don't know all the answers, but encourage children to consider 'what they think', 'how could we find out more' or 'how could we solve the problem'. This strategy builds children's confidence and involvement in their own learning, both of which are important dispositions that support children's learning and presents learning as a life-long journey.

Within our planning, play experiences, where children have opportunities to experiment, discover, create and imagine are thoughtfully planned and educators use this time to engage with children as they play.

This involvement presents opportunities to build relationships and also extend children's learning through teaching strategies. A variety of group experiences are also incorporated into our program and these are based on the interests, questions and curiosities of children. Shared group experiences provide opportunities for children (and educators) to learn alongside one another, contribute to shared projects and build their sense of belonging to the group. The social nature of these group experiences enriches our program as these interests, questions and curiosities are shared. Having these experiences based on something of particular importance to children, encourages the development of commitment, concentration and engagement - all of which are important foundations for life-long learning - and incorporates literacy, numeracy and scientific concepts into our day.

Our play and group experiences utilise a range of resources that support children in their learning. These resources include our amazing backyard, with many natural elements and our interactive whiteboard with its connection to the internet. It is resources such as these that allow us to look closely at our interests, research and explore in a supportive environment.

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