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The Gumnut Room

In the Gumnut Room, we aim to provide a secure and loving environment, where educators thrive to build trusting relationships with each child. We believe the foundation for all children’s learning comes from the first and most influential teachers, their families, and with this we thrive to build supportive relationships with families to foster their child’s confidence and learning.

In our room, we provide meaningful experiences and interest-based learning for children from the ages 2 – 3 years. As educators, we see learning in many forms – from friendships and interactions, through to numerical and literacy understandings. Working closely alongside children, we support their curiosities and confidence, building upon their interests to intentional challenge and further their learning. Within our educational program, we incorporate experiences of different structures, such as group experience and individual learning. These provisions and intentional moments support a growing sense of belonging, children’s interactions and the building of relationships and the opportunity to learn within a social context, while also supporting each child in their individual learning pursuits.

Through our daily observations, we document children’s learning and share this with our families. This documentation highlights the journey of each child, supporting their current interests and the milestones in their lives – those magical moments of learning and childhood. A wonderful insight into children and their learning is gained through our thoughtful interactions and our meaningful documentation. It is this documentation, along with input from families and our knowledge of children that informs our program – the planned experiences, the intentional teaching and the support we provide for children.

We believe relationships are the important foundations for the construction of identity. Educators in the Gumnut Room appreciate the importance of building these trusting and supportive relationships. We are supportive and respect children’s relationships and their individual personalities as we consider how we can best achieve our aim of every child feeling comfortable and secure in their environment.

Childhood is a time to explore, and simply be. The Gumnut Room supports each child through a purposeful harmony of play, relationships and learning, and finding a sense of belonging within their preschool environment.

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