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The Joey Room

Relationships in the Joey's room are a key influence to everything we do within the curriculum. The educators see the importance of building nurturing and collaborative relationships with all the children in the room. Educators also recognise families as the main influence within children's lives therefore we strive to build collaborative, meaningful and trusting relationships with all families. Through these relationships families and children’s voices are respected, valued and incorporated into the curriculum.

Children's interests, ideas and concepts are always growing, expanding and changing. We follow, extend and delve deep into children's thinking and theories through play and also through small and large groups. As adults we don't always have the answer and when we do, we don't always just tell children the answers. Instead together with children we research, explore theories, experiment, problem solve, use representational models and make mistakes to build on understanding and knowledge.

Confidence within children can be an extraordinary thing. We support and build on children's confidence through meaningful, challenging and achievable experiences. Whether it is large or small, we recognise, celebrate and praise all children's efforts and achievements.

Childhood is a time to be, seek out and make meaning of the world. While we appreciate childhood to be such an important time for children to enjoy their experiences and simply 'be' in the moment, we continue to have a routine that offers predictability, organisation and a level of structure. Our day supports children, their learning and their sense of belonging through a thoughtful balance of play and group experiences.

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